New application/launcher

MySetv Home app has been live for a couple weeks now. Running great and full support on the developer side. Can add favorite apps from the device to the app Home Screen. Full access application. Try it out on any Android and Fire Tv device.

5th Jan 2021

**MySetv White**
Tuesday and Wednesday there may be some downtime as there is going to be some server maintenance and updates.

28th Dec 2020
Roku devices

Roku devices are not supported.

22nd Dec 2020
MySetv Player

Starting March 2021 we will no longer be providing support for the MySetv Player application.

16th Dec 2020
**New Device For Sale**

We are very proud and happy to gain the ability to sell BuzzTV products. With this new venture we are starting with the little beast called the Mate 1. It is available at Please jump over and take a look.

8th Jan 2020
Thank for visiting our website

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We are please to provide you with a portal for you to access your account and services. Please bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

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MySetv staff

11th Sep 2019